Recording / Building Healthier Youth through Successful Partnerships with Schools

Schools are considered ideal settings for advancing health and wellness initiatives for youth. Most youth attend schools, most schools have resources for health and wellness, and most schools are located in communities with park and recreation agencies. National frameworks even exist for school health and school physical activity where community engagement is identified as a key component for building healthier generations of youth. The challenge is how. How can park and recreation professionals successfully engage and partner with schools to collectively support health and wellness initiatives for youth?

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify 3 strategies for successfully engaging schools to collectively promote health & wellness among youth.
  • Identify ways to overcome barriers for engaging schools.
  • Identify new opportunities to successfully partner with schools in your community.
  • Describe at least 2 case examples shared through the session.

This session will offer the following credits:




CEUs for a total of 1 Professional Development Hours (0.1 IACET CEU) will be provided to learners meeting the following requirements: 

  • Be present for 95% of the duration of the learning event; 
  • Participate in activities and discussion throughout; 
  • Complete assessment with 80% mastery of learning outcome;
  • Complete feedback/evaluation survey

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Instructor(s) Disclosures:

The instructors of this training webinar are employed by PlayCore and disclose an interest in attendees partnering with PlayCore on their play and recreation initiatives.

Speakers Disclosures:

The opinions of the speakers in these events do not necessarily reflect the views of PlayCore and its brands.


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Building Healthier Youth Recording
Recorded 11/11/2020  |  60 minutes
Recorded 11/11/2020  |  60 minutes
Obtaining your CEU Credit
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1.00 CEU credit  |  Certificate available